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Truck Options in Chilliwack

At Chilliwack Gravel Sales, we have gravel trucking options with our pony trailers or transfer trailers to haul sand, gravel, road mulch, round rock, and river rock for residential or commercial needs. We have two water trucks for irrigation, non-potable water delivery, filling pools, and construction application for dusty roads. For reliable truck options in Chilliwack, get in touch with us.

Dump truck

 Dump trucks – Our experienced drivers transport various sand, gravel and soils. These trucks are mainly used for commercial contractors and residential deliveries.

dump truck

 Dump trucks with a pony or transfer trailer option – Available for large quantity deliveries for contractors and residential customers.

water truck

 Water trucks – Water trucks are used for irrigation, non-potable water delivery, and construction application to keep the dust down on your construction site. These are also used to fill pools.

rock trucks

 Rock trucks – This dump truck is used to haul large rock and riprap.

low bed truck

 Low-bed trucks – Available for heavy equipment hauling and moves.

mini dump truck

 Mini dump trucks – Used for small quantity deliveries.

Single Axle Truck

 Single Axle – These trucks are suitable for local deliveries or smaller deliveries in tighter spaces.


 Tandem Axle – These trucks have two axles that allow them to haul heavier loads over 13 metric Ton.

Wide Selection of Sand, Gravel and Soils

Come see our retail yard for small quantities. Large quantities also available.

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